1941 Born in Hunan Province, China;
1959 Started to work as a photographer;
1965 Started to shoot the Great Wall till now;
1980 Became one of the main originators of China Civil Aviation Inflight Magazine, and later became the deputy Editor-in-Chief of the magazine;
June. 1987 Chen Changfen Artistic Photographic Works Exhibition held at China Art Gallery;
Sept. 1987 Works Collection of Chinese Photographer Chen Changfen published by China People's Art Publishing House;
1987 Awarded the Best Professional Photographer at the Swiss Graphic Photo's 87 for his front-cover photo "The Ten-Thousand Miles of Mountain Passes";
Feb. 1988 First symposium on Chen Changfen's Photographic Arts held by the Association of Chinese Photographers;
Apr. 1989 Took part in the photography activity for picture album One Day in China at the invitation of Collins Publishers, Inc., his works captured the first place among all the works;
Aug.1989 Chosen by Time magazine as one of the ten eminent photographers in the 150 years since the invention of photography and featured on the cover of a special edition of magazine;
Oct. 1989 Awarded the First China Photographic Arts Gold Statue Prize;
1990 Published full-length photo album of The Great Wall in Japan;
1992 Awarded the Special Allowance of Chinese Government;
1994 Published the photo album The End of The Earth;
1996 Held photographic exhibition The Hada Brought Back from Tibet;
Jan. 1997 Was included in World History of Photography ISBN O-7892-0028-7, the third revised version,
in which special appraisal was made on the works of Chen.
It's quoted "Owing to Chen Changfen's comprehension of the aesthetic potential of photography,
he has merged modern aesthetic concepts with ancient philosophical ideas in his air photos of earth, sun and moon. His photographic works The Fission was included in the same edition;
1999 "The Wall of History"became title page in the photo album China Fifty Years Inside the People's Republic released by US Aperture Publishing House in celebration of the 50th anniversary of China;
Apr. 1999 Chen and his works of the Great Wall were specially presented by American magazine Popular Photography;
June. 1999 Acted as Special Envoy of Kodak Professional Photography;
Aug. 1999 The Great Wall, Chen Changfen Photographic Exhibition held in China Art Gallery;
Apr. 2000 Photographic exhibition of Green Asks held in Beijing;
Nov. 2000 Established Chen Changfen Art Gallery;
Aug. 2002 His selection of works entitled The Great Wall: One of the Worlds Earliest Networks, took him to Denver, Colorado.;
Apr. 2003 Held the Great Wall exhibition at the invitation of the American Embassy in China;
Oct. 2003 Published photo album The Most Challenging Expressway in China and held a solo exhibition at the Guangzhou Art Museum;
Nov. 2003 Chief art inspector for the album Civil Aviation in China Today celebrating the 100 year anniversary of powered flight
of mankind;
Oct. 2004 Took part in The Forbidden City International Photography Exhibition at the invitation of the director of The Palace Museum;
Mar. 2007 Album "The Great Wall of China Photographs By Chen Changfen" published by Yale University Press ;
April.2007"The Great Wall of China: photographs by Chen Changfen" exhibited at Museum of Fine Art Houston;
Sep. 2010 The Great Wall Exhibition at the Dragon Pace Gallery of Beijing HongKong Jockey Club ClNALubhouse;
Dec. 2011 Held photography exhibition “Across 2000 Years”;
Jul. 2013 Photography exhibition"T3" was held in China Civil Aviation Museum.